Friday, March 21, 2014

In the Garden

Okay, I have a confession to make. As of Wednesday of this week, a new week of Fun Dollars, I have officially spent every single Fun Dollar for this pay cycle. Yes, all 100 of my Fun Dollars are gone. I think that's a record for how quickly I have spent them. How did this happen? Quite intentionally, actually. I went on my "date" with Corey, took a trip to Scottsdale (also for Corey), and had a Mom's Day Out planned with a friend. All of these happened three days in a row, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Part of my spending on Wednesday included a trip to the Dollar Tree in Cottonwood. (I know, insert eye roll here. How many Fun Dollars did I blow on dollar items?) I usually don't even step foot in dollar stores for that very reason. Dollar stores are like my fast food Achilles Heel. I have to really monitor my spending otherwise it can just go hog wild. The reason I found myself even in a dollar store was to find something Corey needed for work.

Lily was asleep, Carrick was at school, and I was free to wander the aisles of Dollar Tree at my leisure. I had $28 Fun Dollars left in my wallet. My total came to 27 and change. Literally, I spent my last dollar. But, I had no regrets. Until I went into that store, I didn't realize just how many little things I needed. (And a few things I bought were "wants".)

One of my Fun Dollars bought me a quality pair of gardening gloves. They had elastic at the wrists so that they stay put, a water proof coating on the fingers, as well as a cutie design. On my list of things to do with the kids this week was transplant the sprouts that were big enough out of the egg carton I started them in and put them into bigger containers. The weather here still gets cold at night, so I wasn't ready to put them into the outside beds yet. Maybe in a month or so.

Yesterday, I donned my dollar gardening gloves and let the kids dig in the dirt outside. I happily replanted my little sproutlings, as well as some plants my friend gave me on my Mom's Day Out. I had saved tubs and containers for exactly this purpose. The only thing that I had to buy for my project was the gloves. It was a Fun Dollar very well spent. The kids got dirty and I quite enjoyed myself.

The transplanted sprouts are now growing happily in our bathroom window. It's high up so that Lily won't get into them, it gets extra moisture from the bath tub, and stays warmer because that's also where our bets fish lives, so we keep a small space heater on. My efforts will be rewarded later this season when we harvest what our sprouts have produced. Sometimes, a little Fun Dollar goes a long way.

Gloves at Dollar Tree- $1.00
Balance this Pay cycle- $66.00

Happy Spending!

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