Thursday, March 20, 2014

Still Dating

Mondays are a pseudo work day for Corey. He technically has them off, but since the rest of the working world has this day as the start to the work week, Corey often finds himself handling small matters of business. He might go in to the office for a couple of hours, make some important phone calls, work on the schedule and send some emails. This type of behavior used to bother me. I would get so upset that he would work on his day off. But after 5 years of this off and on work day/off day, I have become accustomed to it. In fact, I welcome it most Mondays.

Mondays had been my "Attack on the House" day. After a weekend at home, the place is usually untidy enough to drive me to action. So I would take the entire day, working from one end of the house to the other, picking up and putting away. This would make the house more pleasant to be in for the rest of the week as well as easier to clean (a different activity from tidying.)

This past Monday, Corey did go into the office and attend a short meeting and was home by 11. I was able to put away laundry and (thanks to our super-cheap cleaning lady, I had a clean house lying just beneath a layer of weekend toys. So by the time Corey returned home, Lily was down for a nap, Carrick was at school, and the grown ups got to go to the middle room for a "date."

Afterwards, I suggested we make it a real date and go out for lunch. He asked, "Who's paying?" and I replied, "My Treat." We went to Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen where my best friend, Niccole works. I love going there and chatting with her when she's on a shift. I usually order a lunch combo when I eat at Picazzo's. I get a slice of Puttanesca (artichokes, olives, feta and tomatoes topped with shredded basil. It's basically a Greek salad in a pizza crust. It's heavenly!) The combo comes with salad and a drink. We skipped the salad and just ordered a medium Puttanesca, because one slice would not be enough! The price of getting two combos is equal to the price of a medium pizza anyway.

Even though Corey had to spend part of lunch on the phone handling business matters, I was still on cloud nine that I was out to eat (even with just one kiddo in tow, it felt like a date) with Corey. We take every opportunity we can get to hang out together. After almost 10 years of marriage, it is still the little things that make all the difference, as well as a few Fun Dollars.

Lunch at Picazzo's (with tip)-$33.00
Balance this pay cycle- $67.00

Happy Spending!

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